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COACHING program

The Coaching Program aimed to empower Team Leaders with the targeted skills and confidence to coach their teams effectively. This initiative focused on enhancing communication strategies and sales techniques, ensuring that every team member maximized their potential. On a monthly basis key focus teams were observed by our auditors. They monitored Team Leaders coaching and training their teams on four key practices: product introduction, cross sell opportunities realised, frequency of product pitching, and asking for the sale. Auditors assessed the effectiveness of these practices, the engagement level of team members, the quality of customer interactions, and the materials provided. They delivered a qualitative evaluation of their observations and delivered a tailored approach where opportunities for improvement was found. We concluded our services with a monthly report comparing the performance of the focus group who had received support verse control teams allowed to continue business as usual without investment in upskilling. This report was shared with all centres and discussed with Team Leaders to enhance coaching, training effectiveness, and sales performance.



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