Street Marketing

In the lively streets of Paris, our French ESI Partners embarked on an engaging street marketing initiative to boost Crodino's brand presence and drive store traffic. Our strategy was simple: position a mobile bar to introduce Parisians to the delightful world of Crodino's aperitifs. As the sun set, our mobile bar became a magnet for passersby, offering a refreshing escape and a taste of Crodino's vibrant flavors. People gathered around, drawn in by the enticing aromas and the promise of a unique experience. But our initiatives didn’t stop there. We crafted an immersive shopping experience, featuring interactive displays and engaging activities, to further entice shoppers into exploring the world of Crodino. As the night progressed, our activations left a lasting impression, prompting consumers to seek out Crodino products at nearby points of sale. This approach resulted in increased brand visibility and sales, seamlessly integrating Crodino into the fabric of Parisian culture.



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