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Infinite Group

As a passionate team of experts, Infinite Group has been offering bespoke solutions in field marketing, sales, data, and logistics for more than 20 years.  We’re passionate about:

  • Understanding the needs of our clients and what they would like to achieve.
  • Using our experience to offer a range of Field Marketing solutions.
  • Utilising our database and recruitment specialists to engage the best team and drive sustainable impacts.
  • Delivering results back to our clients in fully analysed reports that offer further actionable insights and recommendations. 


over 65

Founded in





From the smallest retailer to the brands with the largest household names, we offer flexible services that can be scaled to meet our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with what’s needed, when it’s needed for as long as it’s needed. Over the years we’ve gathered experience across a range of industries including fashion, beauty, telecommunications, consumer electronics, DIY, and trade.


We understand that there are two key operational focuses for our clients: engaging teams and usable insights. At Infinite we are proud to excel in each of these areas. Drive excellence within our staff force by delivering a ‘People Centric’ mindset; inspire passion in the business using our Reward & Recognition platform; Investments in training; Deliver results and provide recommendations that our clients can act on, with our award-winning in-house data team innovative reporting platforms

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