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For over 20 years, INGROUP has been providing highly specialized Human Resources, Outsourcing, and Trade Marketing services, to companies in the Greek market. The combination of these services, and a spirit of close collaboration with its customers, allows the company to meet specific needs by sourcing ideal candidates and setting appropriate procedures for success.

INGROUP offers significant experience, a goal-oriented mindset, and a flexible structure, all of which help ensure team peak performance, while five main fundamentals determine the way the company operates, and its relationships with its employees and customers – trust, opportunities, innovation, respect, and collaboration.



Founded in



Athens, Greece

Nikolaos Papalambrou

Managing Director


Our expert approach is based on understanding the specifics of our customers’ business and their priorities, to provide the best possible staffing solutions for them. Innovation is the main driving force behind everything we do, and we are the only company in Greece offering both sales and HR recruitment services.


INGROUP receives over 60,000 CVs and conducts over 9,000 interviews per year. Furthermore, the company staff manages over 350.000 POS visits and 80.000 promotion days per year.

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