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Remarkable is a private owner-managed company with its headquarters in Stockholm. The agency was founded as “Projektbolaget” in 1995 and changed their name to “Remarkable Retail” in 2006. 

Remarkable is a retail agency that strives to strengthen their customers’ brands and products through sales-driving services all over the Nordic countries – Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark – and the Baltic states. 

Our services are largely operation-focused and we consider face-to-face interactions a crucial factor for success. Digitalization has changed the role of the physical store, and modern society has changed consumer behaviour. Crafting the perfect customer experience requires a combination of digital and physical expertise. We have over 30 years of experience in retail operations, and in a digital world, personal interaction is becoming increasingly important. 



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In the past, suppliers and brands were the key influencers on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Later, individual stores and retailers started gaining importance. Today, we know that the consumer is the most important part. We have developed a number of services and concepts with this in mind to help you as a supplier and retailer – find out more about our “Retail 3.0.” approach.

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Remarkable is the most experienced retail agency in the Nordic region, with more than 30 years of experience. We are founder and leader of the NRN (Nordic Retail Network) covering Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. Remarkable stands for flexibility and close long-term partnerships with its clients.

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