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runner Marketing

Runner Marketing specializes in field marketing services and outsourcing your tactical and strategical activities. Based on over 10 years of experience and a wide range of services, we help our customers to increase their sales and to focus on the process of optimization and measurement of results. 

We realize promotional events inside and outside the stores, take care of merchandising and rack jobbing services, point of sale management networks as well as the creation and logistics of POP material. 

Runner Marketing: your one-stop-shop to reach your retail goals



Founded in



Mantova, Italy


Runner Marketing: we are people who relate to other people; we understand what people need, be it consumers or customers. 
We value every talent and we do our best in order to place the most suitable people on each project.  
We believe in training, both at the headquarter and in the field, and we take all the activities into account, rewarding the results. 

About us

Thanks to our database of 42.000 qualified contacts, our 4.500 square meters of logistics and to 45 professionals in our headquarters, we go from brief to realization in record time! 

We are active with our people throughout Italy, in every distribution channel, guaranteeing the highest standard of customer protection and hiring our resources using the best contractual solutions on the market. 

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