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DYSON Mystery Shopping Our services encompassed online mystery shopping for Dyson products in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Baltics, and Greece. The goal was to identify unauthorized e-tailers selling Dyson products without an official license. To streamline communication, we established a single point of contact for the client, facilitating Pan-European reporting and work result consolidation […]

Bombay Bramble

bombay bramble Roadshow Malls Our French partners executed a captivating roadshow in shopping malls, featuring a premium cocktail bar concept inspired by Bombay Bramble’s creative universe and elegance. The roadshow offered a personalized Bombay space where consumers could taste the Bombay Bramble product, immersing them in a unique and unforgettable sensory experience. A skilled bartender […]

Time Products

Time Products Airport Audit & Merchandising Time Products, the company behind Seksy and Sekonda watches, partnered with ESI member in UK to conduct a comprehensive in-store display audit across major airports in the UK and Ireland. Leveraging their extensive database of 600+ personnel, ESI efficiently deployed a team to quickly assess and modify point-of-sale (POS) […]


fossil merchandising Our UK partners successfully brought Fossil’s shop-in-shop to life through meticulously planned and curated displays. These captivating layouts not only engaged shoppers with products but also encouraged them to embrace the lifestyle and make purchases. Attention to detail was paramount for our specialist team, ensuring that wholesale spaces attracted consumers to the brand […]

Clarks Shoes

CLARKS INFLUENCER EVENTS Our German partners excelled in organizing captivating Influencer events for Clarks Shoes at prominent Fashion-Fairs. Their comprehensive service included casting ideal locations, meticulously researching and contacting fashion influencers, conducting detailed influencer briefings, strategic communications planning, seamless invitation management, expert event direction, press support, and engaging media documentation. As a result, Clarks Shoes […]


BIRKENSTOCK Visual Merchandising Our German partners successfully provided Birkenstock, the esteemed footwear brand, with exceptional Retail Marketing & Visual Merchandising services. The comprehensive approach covered creative conception of captivating POS equipment and decorations, efficient prototyping and production of materials, seamless coordination of up to 40 skilled merchandisers, strategic planning of shop visits across Germany, Austria, […]


Barilla Merchandising & Brand Event To support the internal sector managers of the Barilla group throughout the year in their merchandising and brand promotion activities for the brands Barilla and Harrys. The intervention of various merchandisers at the POS to meet the various needs: filling actions, anti-breakage actions, re-implantations, installation of displays and promotional operations, […]


Samsung Brand Activation We supported the launch of the 4th generation of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold smartphones in France, by putting them in the hands of GenZ and Millennials of Paris and creating long-lasting consumer experiences. Innovative and experiential touchpoints were created to activation and engage Millennials and GenZ at the […]


Amazon Retail Pop-up To support Amazon Fashion with their first retail pop-up experience, the ESI member, Infinite Group implemented a mixture of retail processes and procedures along with staffing on the shop floor. Our warehousing team took charge of stock, ordering over 3.000 pieces of clothing, once delivered by the logistics team our retail experts processed […]

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